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My personal definition of citizenship is where one fits in, where one feels comfortable and where one feels they are a part of a group. I personally identify as a citizen of multiple groups, organizations and countries. I am a citizen of Italy and the United States. However, I consider myself a citizen of my community in East Lansing, Michigan State University, my job and my fraternity. To me, it is identity that creates citizenship. Someone is a citizen of any group or idea that they identify with and feel a part of. The theme of citizenship is evident in Blood at the Root, which I attended on February 12th, 2017. In Blood at the Root, the idea of citizenship is portrayed through situations such as Colin and De’Andre’s fight and Colin trying to fit in with others.
Colin was new to the school and was having trouble fitting in. In one scene, all characters are standing in a circle and when Colin is asked a question he
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If one person identifies with one moral, structure or idea that someone else does not agree, naturally problems occur. Even though Colin and De’Andre were on the same sports team and shared in that identity and citizenship, they identify with different people and ideas, which catalyzed a fight that ultimately lands De’Andre in jail. This is an example of how two people can both be citizens of one group but simultaneously be active citizens of their own groups or ideas.
Citizenship can be represented in many ways. In society we often see citizenship represented through clothing or uniform. In Blood at the Root, we see that De’Andre is a citizen of the football team through his jersey. This can show he is a fan of the team or on the team, meaning he identifies with the team and feels he is a citizen of it. Citizenship can also be represented in the set. The lockers on set represent citizenship to the school. If you use the lockers, you are identifying as a student and therefore are a citizen of the

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