My Three Assessments

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Taking the three assessments, it confirmed some things that I already knew about myself and some things that I did not even realize about myself. For the most part, I agreed with the assessments. In the first assessment emotional intelligence, I received a three for self-awareness; I was completely shocked by this, being that I never realized I am not self-aware of my emotions. This is quite true, because I spend majority of my time being more concerned with others feelings, making sure their okay and feeling well, while setting my feelings aside. I do realize by doing this, I sometimes have emotional break down and always wonder where they come from or how they came about. I understand why I scored an nine and a eight on social awareness and …show more content…
I have always known my strengths, but seeing it confirmed through these assessments made me think about them more. I learned different ways I can implement my strengths to make them more effective and purposeful. For instance, one of my strengths were being concerned with others feelings and needs. Being that this is one of my strengths, I learned with this I can learn how to strengthen individuals strength, meaning that once I understand what their need is I can then help them with the issue. If I am able to help them with their issue I can shed some light for them to use find ways to use it as strength. Another strength of mine is being left hemisphere dominance. With this comes with analyzing situations in the order it happens. This is great, because when something goes wrong within organization I can break it down and analyze it in the order it happened. By doing this it will help me solve the situation and how to prevent it from happening again. My last strength entailed thinking and judging; I do this quite often. I have to think about everything that I do and the outcomes. I have to take them for what they are and what could possibly happen if I take this route. With this strength I can help an organization grow or an individual grow, because I have put much thought into it and the

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