My Five Strengths Of Management

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While I was somewhat shocked by the analysis, I was not totally surprised. Growing up I have been hearing 3 of my 5 strengths most of my life, Positivity, Achiever and relator. I was shocked due to the fact that the strength finders test was very accurate in its analysis of me. Being a creature of habit, I often times can get comfortable in my day to day, but I also enjoy creating and achieving new goals.
Sub-consciously aware of the arranger strength, but not how it manifested itself in my work life as it is more of a core strength I used as a mother. Consequently, since reading up on this strength I see where I still employ this strength. While somewhat aware of these 3, I was not as informed about how they played out in my day to day functioning.
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Taken aback now after reading up on each of my 5 strengths, that a lot of my prior managers were lacking in some of these fundamental core skill sets or could have used a class to help them gain a better understanding of how to be an effective manager. However, I am not sure if this was attributed to the stresses of the job or the lack of training not being offered. This observance made me think about my future and the type of person I did not want to become. Realizing quickly, I did not want to become the kind of manager or leader that never encouraged or acknowledge that their team has valuable skill sets the job or the lack of training. Observing those managers made me think about my future and the type of manager I did not want to become. Moreover, I realized I did not want to be the kind of manager or leader that never encouraged or acknowledged that their team may have valuable skill sets of their own that are worth cultivating and giving the opportunity to flourish. I wanted to be someone who was a positive role model, due to I would be responsible for being a part of shaping and managing other’s careers and maybe their way of leadership one …show more content…
As an achiever and sometimes an over-achiever I often try to set goals for my team based on each of their strengths and individualization. This allows me to assign assignments and set goals, according to each individual’s strengths. My line of work is very high paced, can be very stressful and more than likely requires being able to adapt to the ever changing environment of acquisitions. While most of my team is pretty good at mitigating the environment, as their manager I try to make sure I am not setting strategies where they cannot achieve their individual goals or feel over-whelmed in completing the

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