Personal Strength Analysis

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While I was somewhat shocked by the analysis, I was not totally surprised. Growing up I have been hearing 3 of my 5 strengths most of my life, Positivity, Achiever and relator. I was shocked due to the fact that the strength finders test was very accurate in its analysis of me. Being a creature of habit, I often times can get comfortable in my day to day, but I also enjoy creating and achieving new goals.
Sub-consciously aware of the arranger strength, but not how it manifested itself in my work life as it is more of a core strength I used as a mother. Consequently, since reading up on this strength I see where I still employ this strength. While somewhat aware of these 3, I was not as informed about how they played out in my day to day functioning.
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Then, explain whether these traits differ from the strengths you need to be a good manager.

As a manager and being an achiever, I oftentimes run the risk of sometimes bumping heads with myself. While this can be a very positive strength it has it’s cons as well. Taking a lot on myself, I tend to be my most critical critic. Often looking at the outcome and seeing where I could have improved the process or mitigated a better outcome. I have to step back and ask myself did you achieve the overall goal of the task at hand and was the outcome your best effort at that moment. Acknowledging to myself at that moment it was my best effort can sometimes be very difficult for me to accept.
Achievers can more than likely affect the team if you manifest those standards onto them in a negative manner as well. This behavior can result in a negative manner, make the individual team member feel intimidated by me and think I am unapproachable. I experienced this early on in my manager role. While this strength may have effected one in a negative manner others found it as positive and something to aspire to. I try to meet somewhere in the middle of those two
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Recognizing these strengths are very important, learning how to use and deploy them will be even more critical. Acknowledging that I have a good foundation in managing my teammates, I am always striving to be better and learn more as I advance in my career. I often find it hard to write or talk about myself and the strength finder’s results give me so much more information not only on my core strengths, but on other strengths that are beneficial to becoming an even more effective leader. All of my strengths are me, I don’t see one as being more important than the other as having a role to play and will play a role in my growth as a manager. Writing this assignment has been very beneficial to my growth and I look forward to learning so much more this

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