Perseverance Essay Examples

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This Way, That Way, Wrong Way, Tea Party… What? I felt like Alice trying to find her way around in Wonderland every time I had to write an essay. Teachers always gave us very broad and generic topics, and every time I was left clueless as to what to write. There were so many possibilities and many directions to go, I felt like Alice trying to follow the signs. Every time I asked my teacher to explain the topic more to me, I felt like I was speaking to Cheshire Cat, and that didn’t help. I would go back to my desk feeling even more confused than before. I hated writing. I only wrote on a need-to-write basis, and only because my grade depended on it. I was always given a boring topic I didn’t care for, never was I taught that there was a way to make that topic mine, a way to embrace it and incorporate it into my own experiences. It seemed …show more content…
It is a type of personality that doesn’t know how or when to quit. Perseverance is a continuous effort to accomplish something despite difficulties, failure or opposition. Perseverance is not when you give up simply because you can’t come up with anymore ideas of what to write. An example of perseverance is when Junot Diaz -as stated in his essay Becoming a Writer – was writing his novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. It took him more than a decade to complete, but he refused to throw it all away and give up. He continued to write, even if his writing wasn’t good enough to publish, in hopes that he would come up with something better. Eventually he did, approximately 11 years later Junot was finally able to say “done”. Although success seemed far off for Diaz, his perseverance paid off because his novel won the Pulitzer Prize. Diaz shows us that writing is not always going to be easy, but if we reach the end of the line we just have to tie on another piece and keep on

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