Essay about Perks Of Being A Wall Flower

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Perks of being a Wall flower Life teaches us many things, throw many a curveball our way. Somethings build us, somethings break us. In all people’s past, makes us who we are today. Our mindsets, actions, ect…, are all because of the life lessons we’ve learned in the past. Simply put we are a hodgepodge of medleys. The perks of being a wall flower, a great book might I add, shows this in many ways and its quite beautiful. The very first example of this from the first chapter, “That’s when my dad slapped me.. Aunt Helen told my father to never do that again” (chbosky 6) So many reasons as to why Aunt Helen was so triggered by violence, But the main reason why was Aunt Helen was physically abused, due to grades she was beaten. The beating left a scar and she didn’t want to see that ever happen again, not to anyone. Seeing him get hit by his father made her remember getting beat by her father; violence isn’t not something Aunt helen was fond of. Now that wasn’t the only example of how contact affected people. Charley’s Father was also abused. His stepfather often beat charley’s dad, and that’s how charley’s father made the resolve never to hit his kids. The only time he went back on his resolve was when he hit charley, however “He felt terrible for doing it, he would never do it again” (Chbosky 26)

Its funny, because as we continue to read along we see some of Charley’s friends have experiences that make them who they are today. Sam, charley’s friend, love interest, was…

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