Performance Management Process For Human Resource Management Essay

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Performance Management Process
For human resource management (HRM) professionals, being able to understand the performance management process is an important element in order to create a work environment in which individuals are able to meet a specific organizations goals (Snell & Morris, 2016, pp. 302-03). This process is also responsible for promotions, transfers, layoffs, and pay decisions within the organization. This process can help an organization succeed and ensure the right people are doing any specific job within the organization. However, in order to ensure this, the organization must determine goals necessary for success and then HRM professionals can work to create a performance management process that aligns with those specific goals. Employees are only able to do a job to a certain standard or in a certain manner utilizing the goals that HRM professionals and leaders within the organization have specified (Snell & Morris, 2016, pp. 302-03).
Performance Appraisal Systems When it comes to creating a performance appraisal system, there are three specific forms: trait, behavioral, and results-based. Trait is based on individual’s characteristics, but can be prone to subjectivity. This form is viewed as important for the job and organization in general, because it help identify the best individual for a job based on characteristics (Snell & Morris, 2016, pp. 317-27). An example of traits based performance appraisal would be those who work in customer service and…

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