Diamantidis And Chatzoglou Study

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Performance Appraisal
Performance Training Summary
According to Mark Bishop (2011), to increase employees and organizational performance, leaders, need to have dedicated resources, enhance training delivery methods, and provide relevant feedback (p. 40). Researchers Diamantidis and Chatzoglou proposed the following hypotheses, "... if training programs introduce appropriate new job-related behavioral norms such as knowledge, skills, and behavior, it will result in achieving positive results. The training content should be inspired by employee 's actual job duties to have a positive effect on the training transfer. The trainees’ ability to succeed in specific daily job activities will positively transfer the results to the workplace. Employees
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Feedback from peers and supervisors may indicate whether trainees’ overall job performance has improved or not ..." (2014, p. 151). Furthermore, Bossche, Segers, and Jansen hypothesized that periodic assessments and feedback perceived by trainees and from social networking will affect training transfer results (2010, p. 85). Participants of the Diamantidis and Chatzoglou study were college-educated graduates with some level of professional experience. The study was measured using a five-point Likert scale ranging from one (totally disagree) to five (totally agree). The researchers suggest that for successful training, trainees need guidance during its implementation on how to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the work setting. Training should be designed appropriately to improve performance and trainees should be taught the rules necessary to perform new and sporadic job tasks and duties. The authors reveal that adequate training reduces employees work stress, helps deal with on-the-job problems more efficiently, and improves growth and development. Similarly, Bossche et al. acknowledged that organizational environment provides feedback and closes the gap between trainee’s current performance …show more content…
All 126 participants had a chance to understand the benefit of peers and supervisor feedback and how it can improve overall job performance. Likewise, Bossche et al. study helped tutors understand how training, problem-solving among teams, and feedback from peers/supervisors can enhance work life. Training and feedback are important for any organization. For instance, software engineers always need an ongoing job-related training and effective feedback. An engineer’s supervisor needs to share performance information and let him take ownership to complete projects. It is necessary to have problem-solving discussions where both the supervisor and the engineer works together to find solutions. The supervisor needs to keep in mind that communication is not about criticizing instead it should be a two-way dialogue to help the employee grow and develop within the

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