Essay on Performance Appraisal And Career Planning

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5.0 Performance Appraisal and Career Planning
Randhawa (2007) defines performance appraisal is defined as the periodic assessment of a worker’s performance for making career decision (p. 130), while career planning is the long-term process of reevaluating one’s interests, skills, and trying available options as regards to one’s career (p. 151). In terms of career planning, both the employee and organization are engaged in planning because it affects both entities. Since the working environment is always changing, Cold Storage should engage in performance appraisal and career planning for the following reasons.
5.1 Performance Appraisal
5.1.1 To evaluate the training and development of personnel
Performance appraisal is necessary for evaluating the training and development needs of an employee based on how they are currently performing in their jobs. If performance appraisal is not done, it is difficult to determine whether an employee is increasing effort or performing as usual. According to Deb (2009), since the contemporary business world requires more skills in the area of technology and systems use, an appraisal system for measuring performance helps the organization determine what type of training employees need to make them skilled in key areas (p. 29). Cold Storage can apply an appraisal system that helps the retail determine the training needs of all its workers especially those working on the its new systems such as inventory management system to avoid…

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