Perfectionism Unattainably Stressful Essay

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Perfectionism: Unattainably Stressful Perfectionism is in everything I do. Everything always must be a certain way and I must always perform to my unrealistically high standards. Ever since I was a child, I was told that failing was not an option and that giving up was not even a feasible suggestion. I have been working my entire life to not give up and to keep doing my best. Unfortunately, perfection is not attainable and it has been something I have struggled with my entire life in my classes and in work. In school, no grade less than an A was acceptable. When I would receive a B in a class, I would do all the extra credit work I could and I would study that subject late at night when I should have been sleeping. I would be insanely stressed until I could bring my grade up, and even when I did, I would stress myself out trying to maintain an A. Every homework assignment I would get would have to be perfect, usually meaning that I worked on it for hours more than the average student would. This also meant that I procrastinated to the point of having to perfect it last minute, and in result, stay up late to do it. My teachers were constantly impressed which I had to keep doing what I had been doing: overworking myself. …show more content…
I was put on my first shift on a very busy Friday night and briefly got trained before the waiter had to run to the front. I was left in the back not knowing what to do, so I just washed the dishes, however, I was also supposed to be doing prep work that I had no idea about. I got yelled at and I felt awful for not being able to show what I could do my first day; the amount of times I made mistakes that night traumatized me. After this, I called the next day and was told to come back in. I did not want to but I needed the money so I did. Since then, I have become much better at my job and when I make mistakes now I do not beat myself up for it as

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