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Perfect pottery was founded 200 years ago and it is stationed in the midlands of the UK. In 2015 the firm was bought by American Private Equity firm HBGC and the first change they made was to appoint a new HR Director, Stanley Watson. Stanley Watson believes consulting staff on process improvements is crucial to achieving improved results on the factory floor. To improve the employee morale and attendance, Stanly first must decide what the problems are and then come up with solutions for those problems. However Stanly has called upon other people to see their point of view and what they would do if they were in this situation. The purpose of this paper is to identify the problems and then come up with a solution. However to make this paper …show more content…
Not everyone will have the same ideas so this report will be different from the next. The largest problem that perfect pottery has is that the employees have a low morale rate. Morale in a workplace is the job satisfaction, outlook, and feelings of well-being an employee has within a workplace setting. However the employees’ morale is low meaning that they aren’t enjoying their job. This was the largest problem because if the morale increased then it would eliminate so many other problems. The people that are affected include both the employer and employee. It effects the employees because if one person hates their job and complains then it’s going to put the rest of the employees in a bad mood. This results in a chain reaction and by the end of the day just about everyone else will be in a poor mood. This is also bad for the employer/boss because it means that the employee is more likely to do a poor job at the tasks they need to complete. This will end up resulting in defective items and the employer will lose good customers. This proves that low employee morale results in more problems and needs to be fixed right …show more content…
An employer can also increase morale by rewarding accomplishments, offer time away from the office, train employees to have good attitudes, and letting the employees know that the employer is there for them. The employer can also host holiday parties so that the employees have something to look forward to. Also, at the party the employees would be able to get to know each other outside of the office and develop friendships. On the bar chart to the right, it shows that lack of honesty and open communication can lead to a poor impact on employee morale. As an employer this would also be another solution to be able to fix this problem and build upon

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