Perception Of Mass Media Through Different Platforms Essay

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Perception of Mass Media Through Different Platforms
As technology progresses, the way Americans are obtaining news is changing. The present study focuses on how American’s perception of news differs based on the mass media platform they are receiving it from. The forms of mass media that are being compared in this study are television, the internet, the radio and print newspapers. Specifically, the study focuses on how people form their opinions about news and the level interest they show in the information being presented based on what platform of mass media they use to obtain information.
News Media Impact on the Ingredients of the Presidential Evaluations: Politically Knowledgeable Citizens Are Guided By a Trusted Source
In a research article by Joanne M. Miller and Jon A. Krosnick (2000), two questions were addressed as a guideline for the study. First, how does news media shape public opinion? Second, does mass media coverage produce priming (Miller, Krosnick, 2000)? The focus of the study was on new media attention to certain policy issues in evaluations of presidential performance. It is hypothesized that news media attention to a policy issue increases its impact on presidential performance evaluations (Miller, Krosnick, 2000). Media coverage of an issue increases the cognitive ability of related beliefs but does not produce priming. The results of the study supported the hypothesis. Politically informed citizens who trust the media to be accurate and informative…

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