Pepsi Cola 's Financial Performance Essay example

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Pepsi Cola’s main objective is to deliver sustained financial performance by offering to its consumers a variety of food and beverages from snacks to healthy options. This is essential in the company’s performance because there are many consumers who are now changing the way they consume drinks and finding better ways to be healthy. Pepsi differs from competition in this particular category because they have now expanded their product category to Gatorade, Tropicana, and Quaker Oats which generate about 31% of revenue through its healthy options. Pepsi Cola had also taken into consideration in expanding and investing into different areas around the world to not only gain business but also the flexibility to promote healthier food options. For example, in 2014 according to Pepsi Cola’s performance history, net revenues for different products ranged from 30% in North America for its beverages to 10% in Asia and within the Middle East. What Pepsi Cola had also analyzed was the majority of their operating profit came from Frito Lay, generating about 36% of North American profit. In other words, what does this mean? This means that with eliminating cost and outsourcing to different areas, Pepsi Cola will generate even more profit in order to deliver superior long-term financial performance and continued shareholder value. Within 2014, Pepsi Cola cumulative shareholders return had seen the highest return for its shareholders since 2001. According to Pepsi Colas web page, their…

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