Essay on People Working With Dead Bodies

1327 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
Being able to cope with dead bodies has always seemed hard for me to do. I’ve watched a lot of movies of people working with the deceased. Only thing I don’t understand is how do morticians do it. There has to be that one nerve that makes them feel un-easy about being surrounded by covered up dead bodies in an enclosed room. I just don’t understand how the deceased don’t bother other people. I can’t fully say that I am all the way un-easy with being around dead people because I stood in front of my grandma when she died. The feeling was so un-real but I just knew I couldn’t just leave her room without seeing her one last time before the morticians showed up at her home. Now I will say that it was very hard for me to sleep that entire week. I believe in spirits and that same night that my grandma died, I twitched every time I heard a sound, movement, or thought I saw someone. I’ve always wondered if morticians had rough nights sleeping. Although the bodies that they work on might not be related to them, is there anything that gives them the chills about being around a dead person. I feel the main reason I can’t deal with dead people is because I fear that their body will jump at me. I know that is not likely to happen, but what if there is still an organ living and the dead came back to life? Now I know for sure I won’t be a guy that dresses, cleans, or puts make-up on a dead person when I get older, but what If I ever get put in a situation to where someone dies in…

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