Personal Narrative-Assisted Suicide Case Study

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“Death is almost always inconvenient” (Shelly & Miller, 2006). It is hard to accept or see someone dying. In my carrier, I have seen many patients died during my shift; however, it affects me emotionally and difficult to accept as the person is no longer with us. When I worked in long term care facility, I got more engaged with patient’s daily activity and they became like a family. When any one of them died, I started feeling grief and could not control my tears. I always question to myself that what happen to the person when they die?
As we know that God gives us strength and hope to handle many situations. It is still hard to accept the fact that the person is no longer with us. When I started working in acute care hospital, one of my patient was admitted for heart problems who needed pacemaker. The physician had planned to transfer the patient in cardiac unit after two days because they had no bed available. In the beginning of the shift, I went to medicate the patient in her room, she stated that she is feeling fatigue and dizzy, and suddenly she became unresponsive in front of me. Her code status was full code, so CPR was started but she end up dying. After she died, I could not control my tears because I was not sure how
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The process of death and dying is difficult to define and everyone presents these events with different reaction (Guimaraes Carvalho Barbosa, Massaroni, & de Fatima Almeida Lima, 2016). I also think that it is also important to me to know how should I care to the patients in their last days. I wanted to make sure that I provide comfort, respect and dignity and hold their hand to support them. I also provide support to the family members while they are going through this stage. I am more aware of death presence; however, it does affect me when they are no longer in this

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