People Are Born Neutral Essay

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I believe people are born “neutral”. I do not think that they are “inherently good” or “born evil”. People are born into this world “neutral” and other influences will affect if they are going to be considered “good” or “bad”.

As children progress from infant to early childhood, they are more capable of better self-control. Children can learn to regulate their own behavior, once they have evolved “from the outside to the inside”. They take more internal responsibility and start to think about their behaviors rather than being told or reminded about how to act properly. It is a slow process and begins around the age of 2. Perfection is not realistic with children this young. Just practicing and strengthening these internal realizations is just as beneficial. Teachers need to recognize that a child can, and should, take more responsibility for controlling him/herself as he/she grows up. Significant adults can verbally communicate this expectation when they
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Teachers should know their students and understand how each one learns best. They can present learning material through a wide variety of mediums such as visual aids, hands-on activities, and even field trips. This provides all students with a chance to understand content in a way that appeals to their learning style. Teachers can also promote healthy intellectual growth and development by designing lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate and differentiated to meet student needs. For instance, a teacher expects first graders to write a 5-page paper on mammals. This is highly inappropriate developmentally, intellectually, and does not coincide with the state standards. This expectation is unrealistic and unreachable for the age of the students. The teacher must create meaningful and engaging learning experiences that align with the state standards that every single student can enjoy and benefit

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