Essay about Ped in Sports, the Ethical Choice

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Performance Enhancement Drugs in Sports, the Ethical Choice In May 28, 2002, former Major League Baseball player Ken Caminiti admits to Sports Illustrated in the article “Caminiti Comes Clean” that he used steroids during his 1996 National League MVP (most valuable player) season with the San Diego Padres and he estimated that half of the players in the big leagues were also using steroids. He later died of a heart attack at age 40 where it was ruled by the New York Medical Examiner that drugs are a factor in his death. In October 5, 2007, track star Marion Jones admits to use steroids during the 2000 Olympic Games where she won three Gold Medals and two Bronze Medals. She was later sentenced to six months in prison for lying to the …show more content…
In professional sports, there is one tangible factor that makes a huge difference, money. According to the Major League Baseball Player Association, the average salary of a Major League Baseball player is 3.2 million dollars; however, the league minimum is $490,000. Alex Rodriguez, who is highest paid baseball player, has a salary of 29.5 million dollars. A players who is known for taking performance enhancing drugs and is getting paid well above the league average, while a clean player who may not have the same hitting power or athletic ability boost that the drugs can provide, will most likely be making average salary or below. The same debate can be made in other sports, like American football for instance. In the 1993 movie “The program” it shows college football players taking performance enhancement drugs before the game to gain an edge on the opponent team, and good playing performance at the collegian level leads to better chances of being drafted by a professional team. The higher the draft, the more money they can gain. Once at the professional level, athletes make huge commitment not only to their teams, but also to the corporations that hire the athletes to promote their products. This endorsement contracts at times can be more valuable that their own contracts with the teams they play. For example, according to, David Beckham’s pay in 2013 was 47.2 million dollars, in which 42 million

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