Ped 212 (Foundations of Movement and Motor Activities) Entire Course

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PED 212 (Foundations of Movement and Motor Activities) Entire Course

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PED 212 Week 1 DQ 1 Current Issues
Current Issues

Choose a current issue to research that can be related to providing quality physical education at the elementary school level. Some examples of issues might be childhood obesity, budget constraints, family / home environment, nutrition, prenatal care, lack of medical care or other factors that either offer an advantage or disadvantage to a child’s motor development. Review
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All Elementary schools should have a physical education program in effect. For the children who take part in a worthy physical education routine, usually are spared many health-related problems (Hastings, 2012).
PED 212 Week 1 DQ 2 Critical Thinking

Inthisdiscussionforum, youwillexamineyourcriticalthinking, inquiring, andcommunicationskillsastheyrelatetothesubjectofphysicaleducation. Questioningcompelsthinkingand, asthinkers, youassesswhatyoureadandincorporateknowledgewithyourpriorunderstandingofthesubject. Aspartofthisdiscussion, youwillreadaboutconceptssurroundingphysicaleducationandevaluateyourpreviousknowledgeonthissubject. Then, youwillcreateyourownquestionforyourclassmatestoanswer.

PED 212 Week 2 DQ 1 Motor Skills


Thisdiscussionforumconsistsofthreedifferentsections. Youmustcompletetherequirementsineachsection

FundamentalMotorSkillsChart Ageofchild FundamentalMotorSkill
(chooseonelocomotor (moving), non-locomotor (stationary) ormanipulativeskillthatwouldbedevelopmentallyappropriatetoteacheachagegroup) Explainwhatgameoractivitythatyouwouldusetoteachthisskill
(example: toteachbalanceyoumightuse a lowbalancebeamandinstructionsonhowtoholdtheirarmsoutstraight)
2 yrs Jump Usingjumprope, havethechildrenjumpoveritfromsidetoside.
3 yrs Balancing Usingchalk, havethestudentsdrawrandomlineswiththechalkandattempttowalkperfectlybalancedonthechalk.
4 yrs Chasing

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