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Positive Behavior Support Plan IEP
Beckie Johnson
Concordia University
Classroom Management for Students with Special Needs

Positive Behavior Support Plan IEP
The purpose of this paper is to discuss Sean Bruner’s, a Clark County School District student, positive behavior intervention support plan (BIP). Sean is a severely emotionally challenged high school student. He has had an IEP for the majority of his school years and has had a BIP ever since he transitioned into high school. The MDT’s hope is that a successful BIP will rectify all of Sean’s negative classroom behavior and allow him to show positive academic growth for the remainder of his school years.
In 1997 Congress amended the Individuals with Disabilities Education
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Sean’s behaviors tend to escalate on a daily basis; therefore, he requires the most intensive level of both support and intervention. At times, Sean’s behavior impedes his own learning and the learning of those students around him.
Sean seems to get both angry and upset several times a day during math period in the resource room. He gets frustrated with the problems and then stops working on the task at hand. When Sean’s behavior is redirected by the teacher, he gets angry or upset. Because of Sean’s inappropriate behavior in the classroom the teacher decided to conduct several functional behavioral assessments. One assessment was a direct assessment in which Sean’s elevated anger was actually observed and noted. Another assessment was a scatterplot to identify different patterns of Sean’s behaviors within specified contextual conditions. The last and final assessment conducted was the ABC observation form. This antecedent-behavior-consequence approach helps make the patters of Sean’s behavior more clear ("FBA,").
Based on the results of the assessment data, the MDT decided to create a positive behavioral intervention support plan or a (BIP). The functions of Sean’s unwanted behaviors come from his avoidance of an activity he would rather not complete because of his lack of material understanding. Sean struggles in mathematics so he tries to avoid doing any kind of math problem presented to him.

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