Essay about Paying For A College Education

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We live in an age where a college degree has almost become necessary in order to compete in today’s workforce. Many jobs will not even consider someone for a position unless they have some kind of degree from a university, community college or a trade school. Whether you are a high school student, a displaced or laid off worker starting over with a new career or just needing to further your education in your chosen job market, the decision to go to college can be overwhelming. With the cost of college increasing every year, students may feel that the only way to get an education is to go into debt. However, all college students should take the steps necessary to graduate with little to no debt.
Paying for a college education can be one of the most important issues facing future students. According to Josh Mitchell in his article, Student Debt Is About to Set Another Record, But the Picture Isn’t All Bad, he states “About seven in 10 seniors set to graduate this spring borrowed for their educations. Along with their diplomas, they’ll carry an average $37,172 of student debt as they enter the workforce, according to a new analysis by higher-education expert Mark Kantrowitz. That breaks the record set by the 2015 class, which owed just over $35,000, on average.” (Mitchell) However, students can graduate from college with little to no debt. Students wanting a degree can perform research on the different types of colleges available and how much it cost per year to attend.…

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