Paul Allen Research Paper

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Who is Paul Allen? Paul Allen is one of the most successful and interesting American entrepreneurs that there has ever been on the face of the earth he is on the Forbes most successful people. His net worth is 17.4 billion in U.S dollars. Paul Allen is the Co-founder of Microsoft with one of his best friends Bill Gates who he met in high school. He is also a collector of valuable War World II machines, planes, gear, guns, and uniforms. Also he owns a yacht in which he takes all his players and their families on to have a fun time and to he owns a submarine to have fun with. He is also the owner of the Seattle Seahawks which just one there first Super Bowl in history, Portland Trailblazers which is the only team he owns that is not in Seattle out of the teams he owns is a struggling franchise which made its first post season appearance in nearly a decade, and Seattle F.C. which is one of the newest MLS teams in the league. Paul Allen is one of the most caring people of the face of the earth by donating money to charity and science along with his friend Bill Gates. Paul Allen has one of the most interesting …show more content…
He was a co-founder of Microsoft which has given us Microsoft word which many people use today throughout the entire world. This is what we use every day in computer class and outside of school for projects? His company Microsoft has also given the public Xbox, Xbox one, and Xbox 360 which is one of the highest selling products on the market right now, also if you want to get on Xbox live you have to get a membership card which is the price range of 60 dollars. Paul Allen is also a successful investor in which he has bought the Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trailblazers, and Seattle F.C. He has transformed all these teams from mediocre teams to championship caliber teams in the city he grew up in excerpt the Trailblazers which is based in Portland Oregon. This is how Paul Allen has infected are

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