Patterns And Harms Of Alcohol Consumption Essays

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Patterns and harms of alcohol consumption: A national survey in Singapore
Drinking behaviour can significantly vary depending on the geographical area and social contexts. In order to understand the patterns (frequency, quantity, type, context, binge drinking, etc.) social, cultural, ethnic and personal factors affecting drinking behaviour, a national survey is warranted. The survey will also shed light on prime areas such as impacts of drinking (health, social), associated gambling & smoking, perceived harms and help seeking. This population based survey will collect 600 respondents (age 21-65) through quota sampling. Representative geographical areas will be sampled. Interviewers will do household visits to collect the data from. The data will be analysed and the report will be submitted to the funder, before the publication stage. The report will guide the strategies to promote responsible drinking and to improve drinking habits. Additionally, we aim to assess the harms encountered by the drinkers to create awareness, for facilitating informed decision pertaining to their drinking habits.
1. Significance
1.1. Why do people drink?
Alcoholic beverages are an indispensable part of our society, especially in Singapore, which is a vibrant metropolis. Alcohol serves as a social lubricant, relaxant and intoxicant thereby connecting people. Social gatherings exploit the disinhibiting properties of alcohol to facilitate discussions and networking. A variety of social,…

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