Patriots Vs Loyalists

I think you’ve heard about the dilemma that’s going on between the patriots and loyalists. If you don’t know, Parliament (government) decided to pass acts (taxes) and the patriots didn’t have a say in it. On the other hand, the loyalists though it was an outstanding idea to tax the colonies equally. According to “Joseph Galloways Speech to the Continental Congress, 1774” Galloway stated that Parliament was just trying to protect the patriots by using the tax money they collected. Patriots didn’t seem to take it that way. Do you think you should betray a side that allowed you to colonize in the first place? In my opinion, I support the loyalists because they were trying to protect the patriots, passed acts for good reasons, and without Great Britain’s authorization the colonies would’ve never existed. Everyone has a different point of view towards something. Many people may not agree with my perspective towards the patriots and loyalists. This is because; people think that the patriots shouldn’t pay taxes. However this argument is weak because according to source two on paragraph two, “Parliament found it fair to tax the colonies, equally,” since most of the colonies didn’t help throughout the war. When it was time …show more content…
At one point, Great Britain had sent over armies to protect us from the Indian raids. The patriots had many weaknesses during the battles. They didn’t have a real army; they were not well trained and had a lack on supplies. In source two, paragraph one it said, “Great Britain sent over her fleets and armies for our protection.” Great Britain needed money to pay for our protection so, Parliament decided to tax the colonies equally. The colonists disagreed even though they paid lower taxes and most of them didn’t give anything during the war. For many years, the colonists didn’t propose a solution to their conflict between Great Britain, instead they made things

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