Patient Satisfaction And Nursing Visibility Essay

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Patient Satisfaction and Nursing Visibility
In order to review performance and improvement, data are compressed into an easily interpreted dashboard. A compiled dashboard highlights the variances, compares them to both historic institutional data, and benchmarks the facility against similar facilities. Organizations are able to focus on areas of needed change by interpreting the raw data and analyzing trends (Brown, Aydin, & Donaldson, 2008). The purpose of this assignment is to review a provided dashboard and develop a nursing action plan that will remedy the deficit in the data.
Analysis of the data
The provided dashboard shows a positive correlation between nursing hours and patient satisfaction scores. In the area of nurse sensitive satisfaction survey indicators, the fourth quarter of 2009 showed positive variance in every patient satisfaction domain. The data during the fourth quarter also shows the greatest number of registered nurse (RN) care hours. This positive variance indicates the more hours that patients are able to spend with their nurse; the more satisfied they are likely to report themselves being. The satisfaction area ranked the highest is RN courtesy, followed by attention to special needs. Extra time spent with patients should be used to create a level of care that is individualized to their specific needs. Personalizing our profession in a way that tailors the care for our patients is a courtesy that is notable and appreciated by patients.


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