Patient Safety Culture And Health Care Ethics Analysis

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Summary: Patient Safety Culture and Health Care Ethics
Juliette Brown
Principles of Health Care Administration
MHA 601 | NBA1717A
Instructor: Hwang-Ji Lu
May 30, 2017

When it comes to health care organizations, they all are focused on patient safety and observe ethical issues that they faced in a health care industry. All member of a medical staff must follow the policies and regulation of the organization and still be able to put the patient health care needs first. The two articles I have chosen will focus on ways to improve patient staff within health care organization and how communication plays a role in the delivery of medical care.
In the article “Patient Safety: Creating a Culture Change to Support Communication and Teamwork”
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When staff member sees poor care, they may not speak up for fear of the other person reaction. According to some this type of hesitation can cause a delay patient care and recur due to unresolved issues in staff (O’Daniel and Rosenstein, 2008), When it comes to patient safety in fall on the shoulders, all healthcare providers and communication is the key to patient safety. The use of TeamSTEPPS is a tool that can enhance communication and improve teamwork. The excellent article gives information the enhances communication between patients and staff members and lessen errors due to miscommunication. In the article “Exploring relationships between hospital patient safety culture and Consumer Report safety score” by Scott Allen Smith, Naomi Yount, and Joann Sorra. This article examines the connection between hospital providers, and the staffs understanding of patient safety culture and the public reported, (Hospital SOPS) an employee patient safety review and the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Hospital Survey (CAPS …show more content…
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