Essay on Patient Centered Care At The Institute Of Medicine ( Iom )

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Nursing is a profession and practice that is based on a foundation of knowledge core to provision of health care to the patient. In the recent past, practicing nurses have been trained to ensure that they listen, involve and inform the patient about their progress in the care they get in what is now known as patient-centered care. The patient-centered care according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) relates to provision of health care to a patient in a respectful way in a manner that shows that the care responds to patient’s needs, values and preferences (Starfield, 2016). Furthermore, patient-centered care ensures that the patient values are the one that guides all the clinical treatment regarding his or her health care. Patient-Centered Care is based on three key pillars; Knowledge, Attitudes/Behaviors, and Skills (KAS) as elaborated in this paper.
The nursing profession is based on six elements of knowledge (K) meant to foster patient-centered care. K1 identifies the items that are supposed to be used in the nursing process that is appropriate for community, family, group and individual health care requirements throughout their lifespan. K2 appreciates that health care and services are provided in a wide variety of settings and it is a continuous process. K3 integrates various dimensions of patient-centered care such as involving the family in health care, considering patient 's preferences and values and provision of education to the patient among others.

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