Patient Care Nurses

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With the rising cost of medical care many people are without medical insurance. They are turning to emergency rooms for treatment because most doctor’s offices will not see them it they are uninsured or can’t pay upfront for treatment. Most emergency room lobbies are filled with non-urgent matters, but the emergency room most be staffed with a medical staff to treat them. Physicians and nurses are a vital part of the emergency room but there are other non-glamorous positions that also need to be filled in order for the emergency room to run smoothly. With the low pay and many responsibilities the job as a Patient Care Technician, is a job that has a high turnover rate. More and more patient are being seen in the emergency room on a daily basis today because, …show more content…
According to the Palmetto Health job summary 2016, the PCT’s duties include; assisting patients with personal hygiene, feeding, and fall preventions, assisting to bathroom, or to us bedpans as well as monitor input and output. They are also responsible for “accurately assessing blood pressure, pulse, temperature, heart rate, and pulse ox” (Palmetto Health, 2016). Patient care techs must also make sure that the rooms are stocked and, clean and change the linen after each patient. Having worked in the emergency room as the register and seeing these techs work 16 hour days short staffed most are now looking for employed in other areas.
With the patient care staff shortage, the hospital is now force to pay overtime to the staff to stay and work other shifts. Nurses are also filling in as techs while still receiving the regular nurses’ salary. Patients are at risk of not receiving the proper care or being neglected because of this shortage. The hospital could face being sued as well because of the shortage for neglect if a patient falls while trying to go to the bathroom on their own, because no one was available to assist

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