Parnas: The Principles And Principles Of Software Engineering

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1.2 Principles of Software Engineering
Principles that are used in the software development are:
• The quality of the software must be high. So that the software can be easily learnt and used by the user.
• To design the accurate solution of the software, firstly determine the problem issues related to the software, then write down all the requirements.
• The people that are involved in the software development should be highly skilled so that they are able to make good quality software.
• Choose the best model to develop the software by applying the various testing techniques [26].
• The software must be designed in such a way so that it is adaptable to the various changes that occur during the development of the software.
• Write the proper
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It is helpful in designing and constructing the computer programs. It also represents the complete documentation of the software.
• Fairly: According to fairly, software engineering is the technological and managerial discipline. It is concerned with the production and the maintenance of the software product. The software product is modified on the time and within its cost estimation.
• Parnas: According to Parnas, software engineering is based upon the two conditions. Firstly, in the construction of the software more than one person is involved. Secondly, more than one version of the program will be produced.
• Sonzmerville: According to Sonzmerville, software engineering is concerned with building the software systems. The software system is made up of both technical and non technical aspects. The software systems are normally tackled by the single individual. For the development of the software product various engineering principles are used.
• Pomberger and Blaschek: According to P&B, software engineering is the practical application of the scientific knowledge for economical production. It is also related to use of high quality
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• Technique
• Tools
• Paradigms
The nature and complexity of the software systems had changed significantly in the last 30 years. The previous applications run on single processor and produce fixed output .But with the advancement in the technology, applications are having the complex user interface and these applications run on the various systems simultaneous like applications which support client server architecture [17]. Today applications can run on various operating systems due to the nature and complexity of the applications we need to evaluate the performance and other factor of the application .To evaluate the performance of the application we need to define some set of rules. Therefore, we adopt the concept, strategies and practices of the software engineering. With the use of the software engineering concepts and strategies, we can evaluate the applications performance and other factors. We’ve to check some major failures that will lead us to software failure before delivering the application to the user. These major failures are:
• Poor user Input
• Stockholder Conflict
• Vague Requirements
• Poor cost and schedule

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