Parents Bear The Responsibility Of Making Life Shaping Decisions

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Parents bear the responsibility of making life-shaping decisions in issues such as education and healthcare for their children. The growing skepticism against vaccines and the healthcare industry is worrying because it can potentially cause preventable deaths. In this paper, I will be responding to Sarah Pope’s entry in The Healthy Home Economist where she argued against vaccines. Pope established her family’s medical background to show that her claims are not unfounded. It is ironic that she used this to reel the reader to trust her because her background makes her a legitimate source of information, when in her previous paragraph she urged readers to realize that doctors can make mistakes and are blindly conveying information from the American Medical Association playbook (Pope, n.d.). Her stance on this issue might be a product of her emotional and personal bias due to her family’s views on vaccines. Pope focused her attention on confirming her prior anti-vaccine sentiments when she critiques vaccines containing additives. She prided herself of having a medical background, yet ignored the importance of these additives to stabilize and increase the effectiveness of the vaccines (Haelle, 2015). Pope fell victim to the perceptual bias because she used the top-down approach. Her interpretation of data was driven by expectations, which could result in her misinterpretation of patterns. Additionally, attentional bias was also at play here because Pope was so set on her…

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