Personal Narrative: How Parents Regulate Our Children's Life

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Today, the world is the move over-protective society that humanity has ever known. Parents regulate every aspect of our children 's lives, strapping them into life. Parents are so cautious of their children and in often times, parents are too cautious. In often situations, when teenagers go out, parents always make sure that their child has his or her cell phone on them. For example, the family I babysit for whenever the mother is about to leave she reminds her son who is 10 to make sure he has his ring up on his phone just in case of an emergency. She is always worried that when she calls and we miss the call because we are playing outside or listening to music that something has gone wrong when in reality we are just hanging out. Although this example may not consider the mother a helicopter parent, it …show more content…
Imagine if my parents just left me alone and made me figure out things… I do not think I would survive. For example in the Blind Side which is based on a true story, the main character Michael is left alone in a creepy area. His father passed away when he was younger and his mother left him. Thankfully Michael was able to find another family, but in the meantime without his second family how was Michael surviving. Times like those if I were Michael I would wish to have helicopter parents. Today I would say I do not have helicopter parents. Although I have a curfew at 11pm on weekends, my parents are very laid back. Most of my friends think my 11pm curfew is ridiculous, my parents just want to make sure I am ok and that I am not out with all the drunk drivers. Having a curfew shows that my parents really care about me, not that they are being over protective. Being protective is following children to college or living near them and making sure that their child is okay every second of the day. When this happens, the child never grows

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