Overly Permissive Parenting

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Parenting styles very from family to family. Some parents choose to be authoritarian parents, which enforce rigid rules. They are very strict parents demanding obedience. They usually think children dont have any rights. Authoritarian parents discipline through physical punishment. Their children often fear them. Other parents choose to be overly permissive and give little guidance to their children. They often allow to much freedom and rarely hold their children accountable for the things they do. Rules tend to never be enforced from permissive parents. Permissive parents children are often immature and dont take responsibility for their actions. Permissive parents want to empower their children. Overly empowered offspring are often spoiled, self indulgent, and lack self control (Crocker, …show more content…
Studies of paternal influences reveal that fathers are more likely to play with their children when mothers will do more of the physical and emotional care. Mothers speak to infants more and play more conventional games, while fathers are more tactile and engage in unusual play (Fletcher, StGeorge, & Freeman, 2013). Different ethnic groups also have different parenting styles. Traditional African-American values focus on loyalty, security, developing a positive racial identity, and not giving up in the face of adversity (Rowley et al., 2012). They also stress obedience and respect for elders. Child discipline is usually strict especially in urban areas. Hispanic parents also tend to have strict standards. Hispanic families place a high value on familismo: the centrality of the family values, family pride, and loyalty (Glass & Owen, 2010). Hispanics tend to be very affectionate parents. As children get older they are expected to be obedient, courteous, and respectful. The social skills are usually value more than cognitive skills. Amy Chua 's book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, popularized the

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