Essay Parenting Is The Toughest Job An Adult

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Parenting is often referred to as the toughest job an adult could have. From sleepless nights to early mornings, to dropping your child off at daycare for the first time, to watching them drive away to a friend’s house on their sixteenth birthday, to saying goodbye as they leave the house to pursue their next journey in life, parenting is a job you cannot, and should not, take a break from. Each and every day arises new challenges that parents will have to tackle with their children. Even though some challenges are definitely harder than others, parents have to tackle these arising problems doing what is not only best for themselves and the child, but the family as a whole. Thus being said, the hardest and most impacting choice a parent will make is how they parent and discipline their child. The style a parent chooses to use on their kids will impact their kid’s life, and the future generations of the family. The three typical styles of parenting include passive, aggressive, or some form in between. While there are some parents who pursue the severe forms of parenting, passive or aggressive, most enforce a style that is somewhere in between, offering the best of both worlds. The passive parent is often referred as the type to force no discipline on their child. Whether they do not guide their children to make the right choices, or give them too much alone time and freedom, passive parenting is often love lacking and neglectful. Passive parents are often people who are…

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