Parent Vs. Children Conflicts Essay example

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Parent vs. Children Conflicts Do you and your parents always see eye to eye with each other? I bet that most of you said no. Parents and their children do not always have the same outlook or impressions as each other. Sometimes the mom wants something for their daughter that the daughter does not want for herself. Other times the daughter wants something that the mom does not want for her daughter. When parents and children bump heads, or have a different perspective of things it causes conflict. Sometimes, these struggles are not so big, but it is still a conflict. A conflict is when things do not go well or together and it causes some type of problem. In, “Bend it Like Beckham” Jules and her mother have many collisions about why Jules is not so girly and is more like a “tomboy” In one of the first scenes, Jules and her mom are shopping for underclothing. Jules mom wants to buy her an inflatable bra so her breasts can look more ample. She shows it to her and Jules disapproves and immediately looks for something else. She looks around the store and finds something that accommodates her taste, the sports bras. She prefers them because it is more comfortable for her. She does not care about looking good or feeling admirable, if she is satisfied that’s all that matters. Jules just wants to be herself and not be judged for the way she dresses or the way she is. On the other side is Jules mom, she does not want her daughter to look like a boy but…

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