Parallels Between Moral Judgment And Modal Judgment Essay

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The literature review article I researched examined the parallels between moral judgment and modal judgment. The article described the methodology of the experiment that was administered on freshman college students taking an entry-level psychology course. The experiment included a series of physically possible events and morally permissible actions, and the students were to judge on a yes/no scale of what they deemed to be either morally acceptable or unacceptable. At the conclusion of the research, a number of factors seemed to be interconnected. Researchers concluded that possibility and permissibility overlapped in patterns of expression. Those individuals that responded yes to actions they deemed permissible, such as an 80 year old engaging in sex with a 20 year old, were more likely respond “yes” to the occurrences of an extraordinary event. Individuals’ responses were highly based on their personal beliefs and commitments. Negative judgements were easier to justify by principle, than by condition. The idea that justification of action played a role in moral decision was also influenced by a number of additional factors. Judgment when examined from these diverse perspective can be related to rationalism. When we even look at the idea of rationalism we have to look into the individual minds to understand the basis of how moral decision are made, whether it be free will, mind and body relationship, the person’s idea of the “nature of God”, or just simply intuition. The…

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