Paragraph About Friendship

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When I was 13 years old, after completion of seventh grade, my family moved to Kansas
City and I started a new school. I met my best friend Dawnitra (D) in eighth grade music class and we have been in each others lives ever since. I would not say that we became best friends instantly, this is a fact that neither of us denies. My hatred for musicals and constant bitching about having to watch them in class annoyed her. And I thought she was a bit mean; she used to trip me in the hallway just to hear me say “Damn it Dawnitra”. Over the last 20 years our friendships have seen ups and downs. I would say more high points than low points. We have grown up, apart, and back together in that time frame. To this day she is my “go to” girl about
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Even though we do not live close to each other we still talk all the time.
We had a major falling out over four years ago and I refused to talk to her for almost two years. I do not regret the falling out because it needed to happen, but it bothers me that I let it go on for so long. I have told her that I am sorry and she has forgiven me. Neither of us was clean of wrong doing. I think the first thing that happened that strained our friendship was a third party influence, her name is Angie. Angie was a coworker/friend of mine that I introduced to D at a girls trip in Las Vegas. After the trip was over D and Angie kept in contact and slowly, but surely
Angie started telling D things that were untrue about me. Probably about eight months after the trip Angie started stirring up trouble at work. She started having an affair with one of our married coworkers, she was married as well, and while she was deployed the two would have long phone conversations using the work phone lines. In my job all phone conversations were recorded and periodically reviewed. Well it came out that during one of these conversations the two decided
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I went on with the rest of my trip, but knew I was going to have to talk to her about it when I got back from my visit.
When I got home I told my boyfriend what all happened and he was furious. He is protective of my feelings and does not like it when I get upset. I decided after I talked with him that I wanted nothing to do with her (he did not sway me one way or another in my decision) until she got it together. I made the dreaded phone call and it went as well as I thought it would, so not good at all. She pointed the finger and went so far as to try to convince me that I know did or said things I did not do. Some issues she had with me were simple misunderstandings that rational D might have been irritated with, but not to the extent of the anger she had. When we hung up with each other not only were we both anger as all get up, but nothing got resolved, it might have been worse actually. I decided that I did not want to end things like that so I wrote her a rational and calm letter of everything that had been bothering me. She wrote me back a hot mess angry letter that only pissed me off more than I already was. I wrote her back a

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