The Importance Of Personal Decisions

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Do you know that feeling of turning in your stomach when you have to make a decision quickly between what might be right or wrong? To many people, this is a feeling that is easy to reenact in their minds through memories; especially when this decision involves someone you care about dearly. As for me, this feeling is so familiar that I could explain it from the beginning to the end of my personal experience in perfect detail.
Sara James and I have been best friends every since “baby daycare” at Northland Christian Daycare. Sara is in love with all living animals, especially puppies and kittens. She’s extremely caring and is the kind of friend that would drop all her plans for the day just to spend a couple hours of Mario Kart with me in my
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She is such a caring person, it was probably hard for her to grasp how mad she was at a girl she’s been best friends with since before she knew how to read. She distanced herself from me for the next two months but her reason even till this day is because “she just needed time to herself.” I knew she was lying just to keep me happy and stress free. Sara is the perfect epitome of a selfless person and today I look up to her.
Through the guilt and regret I felt for those two months until Sara opened her arms back up to me, I learned an important lesson. Never, ever, give reason to those you care about to doubt your faithfulness to them. Since then, I have called her on the anniversary of Jess’s death to let her know that she will always have a shoulder to cry on and a hand to wipe away her tears.
If there’s any lesson I would like to leave behind through this story, it is to never go against your instinct; especially when it comes to the loving nature that comes along with worthy friendships. Although some have forgiving friends like Sara James; there will always be a line that can never be re-crossed. Don’t sit in the sun while your best friend cries. Be there for them, so that their sun can peak out a little bit sooner than

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