Character Analysis Of Marlene From The Crucible

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•In the opening scene Marlene enters my home, we talk about the weather, where she will be sleeping and she brings up past places we use to visit many years ago and asks if they have changed. I look at her with disappointment in my face and tone of voice. I address her small talk, but I am cautious for what I should say next.

•Marlene changes the mood of the scene, she brings up past circumstances and focuses on what I could have done, not the reality of the situation. I imply that I could not have left because there was no way for me to leave. I wanted her to reflect on her statements and put herself in my shoes; she was the one that left me and her daughter, they was no way I could have left too.

•She then decides the next best
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I use slander to degrade myself and reiterate her mistaken statement.

•Marlene then tries to play the victim and asks why she can’t visit the family without the drama. I relegate her position in the family and remind her she has no right to make accusations when she hasn’t been around to experience it.

•She pushes the blame on me and takes no responsibility for her actions. I reiterate to her that it was her choice to go and she couldn’t get out of here fast enough. She tries to sustain her moral character by creating reasons why she had no choice but to leave. I quickly admonish her reasoning, by warning her that if I didn’t take her, Angie would have been put in a home or taken by a stranger.

•She insults me by saying I knew I couldn’t have my own children so that is why she took mine. I am befuddle by her comments and tell her I didn’t know that I couldn’t have children. I quickly remind her of the benefits and success she has because of the sacrifices I made for her. I have put forth all the work and I need her to understand that and give back to me and our
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We laid everything out on the table with all our frustrations, obligations, resentments, and how we feel towards one another. I tell her to have a child now if she wants one because she’s not too old. She says, “I might do.” I finish with “good”, which means I want her to grow up and take responsibility of her life, start a family, settle down, and be happy with herself. These were the cards we were dealt in life, I assisted her to have a better life and in exchange I want her to be part of the family again, to visit more often, and for both of us to have a mutual advantage in this

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