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Agency Visit Summary
Larry Calderon
BSHS 332
August 9, 2012
Brad Leedy

My Agency Visit was with Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. I interview the Facility Coordinator Jerry Johnson. Impact Treatment Center provides Substance abuse addiction to people who are searching for help. Not only does the facility focus on Substance addiction, but will help clients with other addictions such as eating disorders, gambling addictions, shopping addictions, and any other addictions that are involved with his or her substance abuse. Impact serves felons, parolees/probationers, drug court, private pay, insurance, employee referrals, and walk-in clients. Impact does not take on intern employees but offers a pro-staff
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Counselors have been terminated because he or she has started a personal relationship with a client after he or she finished treatment. Impact has a six month window before a counselor can start a personal relationship. This may sound unethical, but Impact believes a counselor can jeopardize a client’s recovery still in recovery or in treatment. If a counselor witnesses a client enter treatment that he or she has had some type of relationship with outside of treatment, he or she has to inform the facility coordinator of the relationship. Impact has a privacy clause on all clients. Impact does not give out any information to who is in treatment on the facility unless the clients as given names on a release form. This also includes any agency. Impact also follows rules and regulations pertaining to law agencies to report any messages of a client threatening to harm someone are themselves. Clients who are ordered by courts or parole officers have a monthly report to be handed over by Impact. Another regulation is to have a client agree to his or her treatment assessment plan. A client should understand his or her plan of process before he or she agrees to treatment. Impact treatment program is set up in phases. To comply with legal requirements each client is put through phases to make sure laws and regulations are covered. When a client enters treatment, he or she goes through an intake specialist to

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