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Organzitonal structure is very importnat when it comes to many organizations from day to day business. Withougt a organization structure there the company itself will not run properly, and the company may become in danger of staying open. Organizational structure will help mangers make decisons, based on the comopany needs. When the organzitonal plans are in affect using the organizonatl structure no matter how large or how small the company is the company itself will determine the structure. The company that I choose to discuss in this paper will be Best Buy. In this paper I will compare and contrast Best Buy to other compnaies structure, and also I will eveluate the company marketing, finance, human resources, and operations etc. I …show more content…
Target do offer discounted items that you may find at Best Buy for a different price or better quality for the conmpany. Target is a compnay that likes to keep up with style and the trend that's going on every year.
Walmart is also a very good company that's like Best Buy, but sometimes can have different prices as well. Walmart is a very good company that have all their organizitonal structure among the board of directiors, and also inside directiors to keep the structure in order.
Best Buy organztional function: Marketing
Best Buy have been around for a very long time, and through the years they have ghad many marketing stragies to keep the business up and running. They have used social medial to help expand their customer service and what they offer. The company in 2014 now uses price match to advertise the business. This means that the compnay will match a product to another company product in order to meet the customers price needs.
Best Buy organztional function: Finance
Best Buy offers varties of financila needs for customers such as, 6 to 24 month financing depending on the customer. This also is a big part of the compnay organzitional structure, which the compnay includes in their organztion.
Best Buy organztional function: Human Resource
Best Buy organzitonal function in human resources helps divides the company in decison making for the company. Best Buy have a speciality group to help

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