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FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE Assessment Cover Sheet | | Student Name | Trung Phat Lam (Jack Lam) | Student ID No. | LAM09310251 | Group | GDP – Stage 6 | Teacher Name | Miles Warmuth | Office: | C1.2.41 | Phone: | 9564 1555 | Teacher Email Contact | | Course Name | Bachelor of Business (Marketing) | Course Code | V14332 &V14333 | Unit Name | Interactive and Online Marketing | Unit Code | TIS356 | Semester/Term/Year | Semester 2 2013 | Elements / Outcomes | 1 & 2 | Time Allowed/Due Date | Tuesday 8th October 2013 | Assessment Type | Website audit part B | Value of Assessment | 20% | Assessment Conditions | Short Report format with a 1,500 word limit. | Special …show more content…
The main brand owned by Harvey Norman Holdings Limited. It has more than 230 stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore and Croatia. Harvey Norman stores are owned and operated by independent franchisees. The eCommerce Agency Pty Limited operates Harvey Norman website, which is an independent franchisee.
Harvey Norman started their business specialised in electrical goods and appliances initially, and now they developed to participate in many different type of product field such as computers and tablets, TV, music products, kitchen, cleaning, heating and cooling, personal care, health, toys, outdoor, furniture and beds, bathroom, flooring and tiles and so on.
The purpose of this report is the audit the website and find out its purposes, target market, business model and how they create online brand name.

Website purposes and Web business model
2.1 Website purpose
Harvey Normal website is to create online brand name, and much more importantly, the website purpose is to sell product online, e-commercial or online selling is more and more popular to most not only retailer, but also whole seller. Harvey Normal offer mostly all range of its products online including latest on sales product and latest catalogue as well as hot deal for buying online only. 1.2 Web business model
Harvey Normal follows a revenue web business model where we can see as the purpose of selling product online. It also

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