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Ethnicity and the Police Part 1: Outline
Sharon Upshaw
May 17, 2016
Diana Mitchell

Ethnicity and the Police Part 1: Outline
Police misconduct is rising throughout the United States regardless of the Department of Justice attempts of interventions. These interventions are not only to improve the training of officers but also to build a better relationship and trust of the community. Why is there a huge spike in police brutality since the Obama administration if the U.S. department of Justice is monitoring the police agencies?

I. Police corruption within law enforcement agencies A. Racial profiling 1. Illegal search and seizure 2. African American and Latino’s 3.
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Racial profiling is against the law in many but not all states. The department of Justice and the NAACP are attempting to make changes on how police officers treat citizens when making an arrest of traffic stop. African American and Latinos are the focus in random stops, almost never do white males get stopped or arrested as much. In my opinion, law enforcement officers are over worked and under paid which does cause friction in the way they handle situations when out in the field. They need guidelines and frequent training on how to defuse a bad situation without the use of deadly or excessive force. I believe that racial profiling does exist but in some cases if the person that was being stopped was cooperating them things just might not escalate into a huge problem. When all states have laws against unfair treatment and racial profiling and try a different approach rather than excessive force then the citizens can start to put their trust in the police. But the misconduct of officers has to be acknowledge and not just sweep under a rug.
This is costing the government a lot of money to fund programs for police departments to ensure that they have new working equipment, training and sufficient staffing.


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