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Pestel – India


Switzerland has always been a very popular holiday destination for Indian travelers. This is mainly due to the use of Switzerland’s scenic beauty in the Bollywood movies. The Indians always believe in value for money and hence whenever they plan a holiday, they like to include as many countries as possible in their holiday packages. With the entry of Switzerland in the Schenegen Zone, the Indian travelers usually club their Swiss holidays with the rest of the European countries. As the Royalp is situated in the Alps, if the Indian market is a very good prospect for them, as the Indian guests want to see the scenic beauty of Switzerland and what better place to experience it than the Alps.

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Royalp should look to tie up with the Indian online travel agents like –,, and other leading travel agent companies like SOTC, RAJ TRAVELS, Cocks & Kings, etc. The online holiday bookings have become very popular in India, as it allows the guests to plan a customized holiday according to their convenience. With Swiss Air starting direct flights from New Delhi and Mumbai to Zurich, the Indian traveler no more have to take connecting flights and this has increased the convenience of travelling; hence the Indian Market is expected to grow in Switzerland.


The Global warming and the green house effect have made the temperatures rise considerably in the Indian sub-continent. This has made many of the Indian travelers to escape to colder destinations, hence Royalp being situated in the Alps and enjoying cool temperatures all round the year, should look to target the Indian Market.

Indian Customer – Cultural Profile


The travelers from India are very particular in getting the proper ‘value for money’. In India the economic status and the economic class matter a lot, hence when it comes to paying the Indians pay for those services which are worth the money. The Indians usually travel on

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