Pace & Rhythm - Ib English a Hl Paper 2

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In dramatic construction there must be variation of pace and rhythm, monotony of any kind being certain to induce boredom. Comparing at least two plays you have studied in the light of this statement, show how variations of pace and rhythm have been used to attract of heighten the interest of the audience.
Within Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire and Arthur Miller s The Crucible variations of pace and rhythm are utilized in order to attract or heighten the attention of the audience. However, in order to determine the manner in which variations of pace and rhythm affect the audience interruptions to routines, the juxtaposition of calm and hysteria, the use of pace to reflect tension and the way in which structure influences the
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The entrance of Proctor in Act I results in a distinct change of pace and a reversion to a degree of normality after Abigail s threat I can make you

Comment [K1]: Clear answer, although a little blunt. It would be better to have gone straight to How rather than simply asserting that rhythm and pace do affect the interest levels of the audience Comment [K2]: Four clear points identified in the conclusions which are then used to structure the essay clearly Comment [K3]: Use of key terms like rhythm and the use of emotional reaction for interest shows that answer is clearly linked back to the question Comment [K4]: Quotations used throughout and smoothly included Comment [K5]: Evidence to establish this would have been good

Comment [K6]: Literary features analysed in detail and linked to a relevant effect on the audience Comment [K7]: The manner is a little vague it would be better to state precisely what manner exactly Comment [K8]: Although probably acceptable this is not really the same as audience interest which should be the focus throughout Comment [K9]: Clear comparisons set up using appropriate connectives Comment [K10]: Nice use of literary terminology Comment [K11]: Clear focus back on the audience here Comment [K12]: I m not sure it is obviously evident and so it would be a good idea to briefly list

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