Pa582 Final Exam Public Policy Formulation and Implementation 100% Correct Keller

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PA582 FINAL EXAM Public Policy Formulation and Implementation 100% CORRECT Keller


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1. (TCO A) Government in general, and public administration in particular, have changed fairly drastically over the past few decades. Explain some of the factors and trends that are transforming these areas. (Points : 30)
2. (TCO B) Efficiency should be one of the goals of an effective public policy. Under the traditional managerial approach to public administration, that goal is consistent with the rational-comprehensive model of decision making. Please define, or otherwise explain, the rational-comprehensive model of decision making and detail how
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Please provide an overview of that process. Assume that you are the program director. Explain how your understanding of the process will assist you in that role. (Points : 30)
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1. 1. (TCO F) Olympus School District is in a geographic area that is experiencing rapid population growth. As a result, the district needs three additional schools as soon as reasonably possible. The district is allowed to impose property taxes and has a strong tax base. However, provisions on existing bonds payable restrict its ability to issue more bonds to pay for the construction of the new schools. A consultant from the state education department has suggested to the board of the district to consider entering into a "public-private partnership." Please define this term: public-private partnership. What advantage should occur from entering into such an arrangement? Propose a scenario for the construction of the schools using such an arrangement. (Points : 30)
2. 2. (TCO G) Your state has recently passed a law requiring each resident of the state to be covered by at least a minimum amount of health insurance. As a public administrator in charge of the implementation, describe the steps that you feel should be taken so that the policy can be placed in effect in a cost-effective manner. (Points : 30)
3. (TCO H) Once an agency is established to implement a new public policy, that entity may continue to exist year-after-year without evaluation as to

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