Pa 582 Final Exam Updated - Keller Essay

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PA 582 Final Exam Updated - Keller

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(TCO A) Government in general, and public administration in particular, have changed fairly drastically over the past few decades. Explain some of the factors and trends that are transforming these areas.
Within the last decade, new rules and regulations were executed. Many of these rules and regulations are still in place, but most of them have had additional policies applied to it or some of them were…

(TCO B) Efficiency should be
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Then explain how this may shift policy making to public administrators.
When elected representatives create vague statues which result in policy directives it is because of Congress. Congress will grant then a great degree of independence when it comes to policy making initiatives. This is…

(TCO D) A first step in measuring the effectiveness of a public policy or program initiative is to understand the differences between "policy outputs" and "policy outcomes." Please define each of these two terms. Then also explain briefly why it can be difficult to measure a cause and effect between policy outputs and policy outcomes of any given public policy or program initiative. (Points : 30)
Policy outputs refer to the actions that are actually performed by the government whereas policy outcomes refer to the results brought about by…

(TCO D) Measuring the effectiveness of a public policy or program initiative can be difficult because usually a pure experimental design cannot be used on account of logistical problems and ethical concerns. In some circumstances, a quasi-experimental design of research can be used to determine if a correlation between a policy change and the results have a cause and effect relationship. Please explain the basics of a quasi-experimental design, and explain how that framework can be used at a state level to try to measure the effectiveness of the public policy. (Points : 30)
There are

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