(POFU) Gamification In The Recruitment Professionals Are So Important To Improve Its Fulfillment?

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Question 1
The post-offer follow-up (POFU) gamification in the recruitment professionals is very important for any organization to improve its fulfillment and employees satisfaction. The post-offer follow-up is very important for the human resources for any organization since of the following reasons. First is to remind the new staff that the first month can be both moving and frustrating as well as to remind them why this such as a great chance in order to keep them on the prize.. In addition to adhesive your relationship as a resource for data and applicants from the firm the new staff has left. Moreover to improve more intelligence about the firm the employee now works at your client for coming business. Furthermore, to make the correct
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In this section the HCL doing the real time studies of business driven customer focused culture of grass roots innovation. It is very important to improve the innovation in the organization in order to delight the customer based on this culture. For illustrate, In HCL the number of the customer tripled over these 5 years. It increased around 24% during 2007 to 2012. In addition the satisfaction of customer scores also improved two-fold. (Dutta and Mishra, 2015)
Fourth is the work life balance. It covers initiatives that promote work life balance. There are a couple of areas that very important in order to improve the life balance for the employees. One of the most important point is to educate the employees. Teach the employees about healthy work-life balance. It requires to show them the importance of it in their life and how they can achieve it using several ways. In the Exhibit 6 of the case it shows the TAG fulfilment SLAs for different skills, lines of business and geographies. The healthy shown as
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HR consultant is “encompasses advisory and implementation activities related to the management of an organisation’s human capital and the HR function”. (Edward, 2012, P.40).

There are a couple of key characters of consultancy that have been implemented in HCL as following:
First is the Intangibility. In this point the consultant is looking to assess the intangible aspects of the HR. The assessment has been happened when Narayanan studied the HCL and he identified the main issues in the organization when he said “We were a classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing” (Dutta and Kumar, 2015, P.1). That meaning the organization was working as decentralized work system.
Second is the variability. In this point is looking to have some variability in the organization instead of the daily routine.
Third is the compatibility. It is looking for the quality of HR service. In the HCL improve it HR performance by providing a couple of solution like the iTAP system.
Fourth is the difficulty of evaluation. The evaluation of the service is more difficult that the evaluation of the products or goods. Therefore, HCL spent long time to evaluate it output of the recruitment

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