Should People Be Able To Own Exotic Animals Essay

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Should People Be Able To Own Exotic Animals? Should regular people, besides professionals, have the ability to be able to take care of and own exotic animals? Exotic animals need special care, habitats, and diets, and can be dangerous and expensive to own. Some exotic animals need large, plexiglass cages to house them safely and keep them from becoming anxious and wanting to cause harm to themselves. Exotic animals, such as tigers, require pounds of fresh meat everyday, and someone on a budget may not be able to afford that kind of diet for an animal, let alone themselves. Exotic animals require specific care-- not care from the common person who might abuse the animal and use the animal to breed or show off. Exotic animals should not be owned by the common person …show more content…
Would it be fair to the animal to put them in a harmful situation? Since exotic animals require special care, they need to be in large, secure habitats, and may require special lights and other items to help them process vitamins. These large enclosures and special lights can easily be extremely expensive, no matter the budget. Certain animals need special lights to give them the vitamins and nutrients they need. An exotic animal specialist describes the potential outcome of an animal without the lights it needs “Some reptiles require ultraviolet light to process certain vitamins. If they don't have that light, they get sick. It can be sick for the rest of its life or its life won't be as long". (Source F). Exotic animals have different body structures and processing systems than one of a common animal --a dog or cat. They need more specific and special care than a dog or cat, and the average person may not be able to provide that to the animal. Professionals, such as zoologists, know much about exotic animals and are more qualified to own exotic animals. In one source, an image, an animal is in a habitat that is too small and is causing the animal to feel anxious

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