Overpopulation And Its Effects On The Environment And Society

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Overpopulation is when the human population surpasses the global capacity (Conserve Energy Future). The human population is growing like never before. Every 12 years, one billion people are being added to the planet (Effects of Overpopulation on the Environment and Society). That makes about 220,000 people being born every day(Effects of Overpopulation on the Environment and Society). The advancement in technology and medicine has helped make overpopulation a problem. We now have medicine to help save people’s lives, so not as many people die each year. Overpopulation is becoming a huge problem in the world and it is affecting everyone around us. Overpopulation is causing problems with resources, personal freedom, survival of important species, immigration, and a lack of family planning.
Overpopulation is ruining people’s lives daily. For example, a woman who is living alone in a big city, with no children, and no husband may be affected by overpopulation because she may not be able to find a job, have fresh water, fresh food, or a nice place to live. She may go out and try to get a job as hard as she possibly can, but in an overpopulated city, there are many people applying for the same job as she is, so her chances of getting the job may be very slim. If she can’t get a job, she can’t afford to electricity bill, the water bill, the house payment, or to buy fresh food. Overpopulation is affecting her because it is making her life miserable.
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