Personal Narrative: Overcoming Adversity To Win The Championship

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Overcoming Adversity to Win the Championship The State football game was an exhilarating experience. The season leading up to the game had plenty of highs and lows and took hard work and dedication to overcome the difficulties of the season. Our team prepared long and hard in the days leading up to the State game. The game, much like the season leading up to it, was hard fought, but in the end our team came up with the victory. The emotions that came after the victory were indescribable, possibly the greatest feeling of my life. The experience of winning a State championship despite all the obstacles was a moment that I will remember forever. The season leading up to the game was filled with highs and lows. Some of the teams highs were winning the first two games by large margins and finally defeating Andale. Andale was the team that defeated us the previous season, and it was a truly emotional win to beat them to advance to State. Some of the lows were losing to Scott City and Ulysses, two of our biggest rivalries and our hardest GWAC games. However, after losing those two games we dug deep and stuck together; this is what truly made us a championship team. None of us were willing to feel defeat again, and this determination is what would carry us to the …show more content…
Before the game our team changed in the locker room and that is where the State championship attitude began. While in the locker room we were all listening to motivational music and getting hyped for the game. We were ready for Holton and there was no doubt that we were going to execute the entire game. During the pre game we went out onto the icy field and began our usual warm up. When Holton came out, so did our excitement. We were all cheering with enthusiasm to them about how they were not ready for us. I even broke a hand warmer in my glove from clapping too hard. Before the game even started our excitement was clear, and we knew it was going to be a vigorous

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