Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park Helps Increase Its Sales Revenue And Profitability

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5.0 Firm’s Objectives
Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park seeks to increase its sales revenue and profitability.
6.0 Defining the Team’s Tasks
The management would be tasked with performing its functions, which include planning, controlling, leading, and organizing to ensure that the business gets back on track and is able to beat competition. The management would need to understand the employees with regard to attitudes and emotions, especially when training them to identify the departments they are best suited according to their passions. By applying the collaborative management, the staff would be able to take part in the decision-making process in the organization.
7.0 Conclusions and Recommendations
It is crucial for the park’s management to follow the steps of planning to come out with an effective roadmap to achieve success. This would start with an environmental scan by evaluating the critical contingencies facing the organization, for instance, competition, economic conditions, and customers. The second step would entail establishing objectives regarding when and how they should be achieved. This would be followed by an evaluation of alternatives for the best course of action to take effect through a formulation of the necessary steps to ensure an effective implementation of plans with an evaluation of their success. Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park should craft a better mission statement to help steer the course of its business.
At Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park,…

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