Differences And The Similarities Of Lifestyle In Our Town By Thornton Wilder

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The Differences and the Similarities of Life
Our lifestyle seems completely different from the lifestyle in the last century, however, after we read the book Our Town which was written by Thornton Wilder, we discover that our lifestyle is different with them but not completely, we still relate to some parts.
After 100 years, there are plenty of visible differences when we compare the lifestyle in the 20th century with the lifestyle in 21th century, for instance, there were no phones, no computers, no televisions and no advanced devices in the past. In addition, here are three most notable examples. First, one of the most conspicuous change is the density of population in the town. According to Our Town, there were only 2642 people in Grover’s
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The daily life of people in Grover’s Corners was almost identical to our daily life, such as, father goes out to work and the mother stays at home, makes foods for families and does the housework. In addition, the children always go to school, joins some sports, worries about the homework. Besides, this is daily life and it always stays unchanged. Also, we still keep some traditional culture or custom in my town. Table manner includes lots of important rules we must follow when we are eating with our family, like we shouldn’t play phone, read books or do somethings else rather than eating, because we regard this as impolite and irrespective to the people who you are eating with.This table manner was also mentioned in the books. “Breakfast is just as good as any other meal and I won’t have you gobbling like wolves. It’ll stunt your growth,—that’s fact. Put away your book, Wally” (Wilder 15). In addition, the wedding is also very similar in some points. “George, you know’s well as I do: the groom can’t see his bride on his wedding day, not until he sees her in the church” (Wilder 57). The traditional culture during the wedding which I cite are kept. In my town, if the groom sees the bride before their wedding that will cause bad luck to their family and the marriage is not going to be blest. Also during the wedding people always joke with groom and bride, just like George’s friends did in the book. At last, the behaviors and the feelings of the people always stay the same, such as, people will feel nervous when they are getting married, they will feel joyful when they are dating with the person they love and they will be sorrowful when they lose a person who is important for them. Besides those emotions and behaviors will never change, because we are human and those behaviors and feelings are our

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